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Coaching for Leaders

Be Engaged-Take Action-Get Results


Coaching for Leaders

Be Engaged-Take Action-Get Results

If you are like most business owners and executives, a challenging aspect of running a business is maintaining happy and engaged employees. After the “honeymoon” phase is over, you start to hear whispers of discontent. Then you begin to witness the following

  • A few “bad apples” seem to sabotage your efforts to build cohesive, high-performing teams.

  • You can hear “crickets” during team meetings since most people sit around the table, not contributing and saying very little.

  • The perks and incentives you thought would help increase engagement are short-lived.

  • You feel disheartened because turnover has increased, and good people are leaving.

  • Can you relate?

    Imagine for a Moment…

  • As you walk into your office on Monday morning, you are greeted by energized, fun-loving employees that are talking up a storm because they get to play in a safe space.

  • Clients call in with questions or concerns, and your team goes above and beyond expectations to answer questions and find solutions.

  • Your team meetings are buzzing with excitement as people brainstorm ideas, share resources, and help each other succeed.

  • Your sales team is rocking and exceeding their quarterly numbers time and time again, supporting each other's ideas.

  • Discussions by Design offers a unique set of customized programs for leaders and employees so that everyone becomes more creative, passionate, and excited about the goals they can achieve. In fact, with the engagement measurement tools used, results have shown employee engagement has increased between 34-100% in 12 weeks. More importantly, the results are long-lasting.


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