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Brenda Hooper

Business & Executive Coach | Trainer | Mediator

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Yesterday’s Practices

Won’t Deliver Tomorrow’s Wins

Top challenges facing leaders today

The Great Resignation

The shortage of talent in the global job market makes it hard to attract and retain talent. You need to stand out, and your retention efforts need to stand up

Low Employee Engagement

66% of employees in Canada and the United States are disengaged *, costing employers hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.  A productive, engaged workforce catapults productivity and profits.

Lack of Trust

57% of employees do not trust their business leaders and managers.** A high level of trust directly translates into improved retention and reduced training costs.   


  • We see engagement go from 10-20% all the way to 80% in some cases.

  • We are seeing the leaders of the organization improve their leadership influence by 300% over a 16 week period.

  • On average we have seen profits improve by 175% over a 1yr period

Dispute Resolution

Working with Brenda we have seen a dramatic improvement in our internal dynamic, decision-making, and general communications within our business. We have sought out Brenda’s expertise for regular mediation sessions and have also brought her in to meet with our entire team. She provided an ideal environment and approach, which allowed us to deal effectively with issues during each session. She sent us back into our business with tools and a renewed approach, which has had a lasting positive effect. Our time with her has served as valuable and transformative. We thoroughly enjoy and value our work with Brenda and would highly recommend her to any other business.

Sara Padidar

Co-Founder and Principal, Talk Shop Media


“The 12-week program was huge for us! By engaging 25 team members, it allowed the  company to achieve its best sales month in seven years”

– Full House Group, Australia

Are you dealing with the following:

  • Turnover 

  • Low Performance

  • Low Customer Satisfaction

  • Friction Among Team Members

  • Lost Revenue Due To Poor Team Performance

  • People Not Taking Responsibility

  • Employees Lose Focus

  • Team Members Who Provide The Bare Minimum & Underperform

If so, it might be time to reenergize your team through leadership-enhancing protocols.


“The program was a great catalyst in opening up better lines of communication within our  business. This has flowed on to most aspects of the business and led to better financial results and  greater personal involvement”

– Harris & Thorn Plumbers, Australia

Instrumental in helping me get out of my own way

Our work together has been instrumental in the success of my new company. Having Brenda ask thoughtful and tough questions has helped me keep focused and develop many of the skills I needed to make this transition to building my company. In addition, Brenda has been really instrumental in helping me get out of my own way.

Murray A. Voth

President | Freedom Industries Inc. DBA RPM Training

Developing an empowered culture starts with the CEO and the Executive Team

The average employee engagement in the US & Canada is only 34%

That is a BIG gap in terms of what it could potentially be costing your organization.

Explore.  Analyze.  Execute.

Proven Methodologies Forge Real Impacts


 We have partnered with Engage & Grow Global to deliver a world-class method of creating impactful leaders and engaged employees. The Group Activation System includes customized programs designed to convert your issues into quantifiable results.


 We provide individual and group leadership coaching programs which include 360 surveys and assessments to help you decide the areas you want to focus on and see significant improvement in your ability to influence and lead your teams.


In those sensitive situations that demand an understanding of unique viewpoints and experiences, we thoughtfully administer formal mediation or less formal facilitated discussion sessions that drive resolution.

Discussions by Design offers a unique set of customized programs for leaders and employees so that everyone becomes more intentional and excited about the goals they can achieve. In fact, the engagement measurement tools used show that employee engagement has increased between 34% and 100% in 12 weeks or less. More importantly, the results are long-lasting with a lot more joy being expressed throughout the organization.  

For the past 12 years, our training, coaching & workplace mediation services have supported leaders and their teams.

The experience begins by gaining insight into engagement, employee experience and discovering organizational strengths and areas to improve by booking this complimentary consultation call.

Conflict Resolution

We required the services of a mediator to resolve a

longstanding relationship issue between some employees. 

Brenda was able to step in, communicate with our our HR manager,

and keep the privacy of everyone involved intact. 

Brenda drafted a "Memorandum of Understanding" to the employees that had been agreed upon in the mediation process and was signed and witnessed. This is an excellent document that outlines the expected behavior of all parties and we continue to use the document to reinforce our expectations.

Brenda did an excellent job for us and delivered what was promised. I highly recommend using Brenda for any mediation or conflict resolution that your organization requires.

Warren Lindsay | General Manager| Genco


“The Engage and Grow program helped our team to stop operating in Silos. The common-sense  approach of the program resulted in our team developing many relationships with key leaders of  the organization both within our department and outside of our department. Inviting others in the  organization to attend a session created an environment where our team felt important. We are  currently looking for opportunities to further engrain the concepts from Engage and Grow into our  entire organization; it's that good!” – Grifols, USA

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